My artwork is often an inquiry into my emotional and psychological states. Dwelling in atmospheric, unspecific backgrounds, the female characters that I paint and draw usually appear quiet and contemplative, yet under the calm exterior there is more going on. They are frequently partially naked, or in the case of the closely cropped paintings of heads, their unguarded gaze exposes them in a way that's not commonly seen in everyday life. To me they are vulnerable, which is often viewed in a negative light in this culture, yet within this state of openness I sense courage, beauty, and an opening of the heart. Being vulnerable can be an opportunity for connection and trust, and releasing what no longer serves us.


My intention is to evoke a curiosity about our inner states, and to encourage viewers to stop and truly feel what lies beneath the surface. Through this experience of touching down deeply, we can remember the common ground of human experience, and hopefully engage our compassion for ourselves and others.


I paint with gouache and acrylic on watercolour paper and wood, and recently have been using elements of collage as well. I love the playful element of creating, and for me a brush and water-based media lend themselves to the spirit of spontaneity, as do the images of collage.