daily piece


day 164

A little Louise Bourgeois inspired. Leaving our wonderful house in the morning.


day 165

So, some upheaval this week. I did my daily last night, but couldn't manage posting. I have a tendency to put it all out there, but will hold back.



day 167

Sunday 16 June.


Still in the practice...

... just not posting at this point. When we have internet again i will start posting, though most likely not every day. I came to the conclusion that i was expending more energy than i had, and doing so in an unwise way. Needing some privacy with the pieces to work some stuff out. We'll see how it unfolds.


still going with the daily's...

just got the camera up and running yesterday, so should be on catch up duty now. One hundred and twenty days to document- that seems crazy! don't know if i'm up for posting all of them (or if it's humanly possible for me at this point) but i'm going to start posting SOMETHING soon.



Dealing with difficult emotions

My husband and I challenged each other to do a 'finished' drawing every day for a year, and post every single one, no matter what. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, or what was going to show up. It was a powerful way to check in, release some of the turmoil I was going through at the time, and perhaps most significantly, to bear witness to myself so I could then take steps towards supporting the fractured aspects of me who were showing up so frequently in my drawings. I recommend a regular drawing practice, and if you're willing to get really vulnerable, post 'em. But it's the practice and honesty that have the capacity to heal and integrate. When I do it again my intention is to approach the physicality of the drawings with less concern for 'rightness' and way more authenticity.

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